November 20th, 2017

Welcome to the 2017 Christmas season!  We will open up for Christmas tree season the day after Thanksgiving, Friday November 24th.  We will be open in two locations this year, both at our red barn at 91 Terryville Rd. and at our strawberry shack, 1/2 mile south on the street.  Hours for the coming weekend (Friday through Sunday) are 9-5 at 91 Terryville Rd and 10-4 at the strawberry shack.  You can start at either location to begin your Christmas tree adventure!  This year the selection of trees is scattered rather evenly across all locations on the farm.  While we have some really nice trees this year I think our supply will go fast.  As our strawberry business has grown, it has increased the number of tree customers too.  We have been busy planting thousands of new trees per year, but they take time to grow.  Next year we will begin to see our supply increase again, and that will be the start of a multi-year expansion.  It is very exciting as we will have new fields open up and customers will get to see more of the farm.  But, it takes time.

This year of particular noteworthiness, we have some really nice concolor fir.  They are located at both locations, but the best ones are behind our strawberry shack.  The lower field at 91 Terryville RD also stands out for having some nice fir trees.  Behind our strawberry hut is the easiest access for those who want convenience.  Please note that this year we will not be allowing the tagging of trees, unfortunately there have just been too many problems.  As always, I recommend if you are going to cut a tree on Thanksgiving weekend to make it a fir tree as they hold their needles the best.   We provide saws.  Dress for the outdoors, boots are a must.  All trees are $48 including sales tax and tree baling. 

Thank you, Farmer Jon