September 16th, 2019

We will be opening for PYO pumpkins and gourds starting this coming weekend on Saturday the 21st.  Hours are on Saturday and Sunday 10-4.  Once again we will be doing the "wheel barrow special," all you can fit in a wheel barrow for $60 this year.  While the price is up a bit, I still think this is one of the very best deals in pumpkin picking going.  Pumpkin picking is authentic right off the vine, you cut.  Customers have called it the most authentic pumpkin picking in the state.  After having sold the patch out early last year, I have more than doubled the size so there is plenty to choose from of all types.  We will continue this year with our squash box special, you mix how you like it in a 40lb. box for $24, same  as last year.  We will have some strawberry picking this weekend, but there is not enough to last long so those interested should come early.  The late berries are an expensive crop to grow and therefore cost a bit more, but they are excellent tasting as many of you know.

Thank you, Farmer Jon