May 22nd, 2018

We will be open Saturday the 26th again rain or shine at 12:00 noon for asparagus sales.  With the warm weather there will be a big harvest so we will stay open until 2:00pm.  Now is the chance to try fresh asparagus!  Stop by and pick some up to put on the grill this weekend!  Use a little olive oil, salt and pepper.  Grill for 5 minutes only and enjoy.  We are going to stick with the Saturday at 12:00 noon schedule for the asparagus season which hopefully lasts into the June strawberries this year.  It is well worth the effort to stop by and pick some up.  Fresh asparagus tastes sweet and is way better than the stuff from the store.  Additionally our rhubarb is at its prime right now and is available anytime we are open for asparagus.

Spring is finally looking like it is here!  This year should be another good year on the farm as we continue to expand our strawberry, raspberry and Christmas tree plantations.  While the cold spring currently has our crops slowed down, typically we have our best crops when we start cold and slow.  Asparagus will be our lead off probably in two weeks so stay tuned.  It is too soon to call the start of the June PYO strawberry season, but this years crop will hopefully best last years.  Our summer red & black raspberries plantings for PYO have been expanded upon and will over lap with the June strawberries, followed by our everbearing or late season strawberries.   Like last year we will open both pumpkin and strawberry picking together in the fall, finally, finishing 2018, with choose and cut Christmas trees.  Our Christmas tree plantation has been significantly expanded.  While a big increase in tree supply is probably one more year away, new fields will be opened starting this year.

Thank you and see you in the fields, Farmer Jon