September 18th & 19th, 2021

We are open this weekend both Saturday and Sunday 10-4 for the beginning of PYO pumpkin season. For those who want the best selection and first pick, this weekend is for you. Like previous years we will be running the wheelbarrow special, which is all the pumpkins you can fit in the wheelbarrow for a fixed price. Pumpkin picking is authentic, you cut off the vine. Our patch is planted with many different varieties of specialty pumpkins and gourds in addition to orange pumpkins. The price for the first weekend is $80/wheelbarrow, $75 for the second weekend, and then it falls back to $65/wheelbarrow in October which is the same as last year. For those who wish to just pick an individual pumpkin or two, the price is 50cents per pound. We will be now open every weekend until the pumpkins run out. When we are open for pumpkin picking we will have strawberry and fall raspberry picking like previous years. Please note that fall strawberry picking is not like the "June" season. It is much more limited in supply and is done by the pint this time of year. Strawberry picking this time of year is for the experience of the wonderful flavor of the fall berries and we will be limiting how much people can pick so there is enough to go round. All fruit PYO is $5/pint, both strawberries and raspberries. Our sunflower patches are also open for PYO. Winter Squash will also available at the stand for sale, including the winter squash box special set at $30 for a full bushel box.

See you in the fields, Farmer Jon