July 17th, 2018

We are open Tuesday 9-1, for pre-picked raspberries and PYO raspberries. Raspberry picking is excellent across both black and red varieties.  We have excellent picking in the black raspberries this year, they are delicous and one of the healthiest foods of all.  The price is reasonable, they freeze great, and are useful for many recipes or just eaten fresh or fresh frozen.  Come out and pick and take advantage of our great crop this week.  We are transitioning to a raspberry schedule which is Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday 9-1 like last year.  This will allow plenty of time for ripening between pickings and therefore easy picking and the opportunity to pick large quantity for freezing, pies etc.  On the raspberry side, the black raspberry "Bristol" I think is my very favorite of all fruit that I grow on the farm and ready to pick now. 

Thank you and see you in the fields, Farmer Jon