December 14th, 2017

We are open for Christmas trees this week Friday 12-5, and Saturday & Sunday 9-5.  We will be open at 91 Terryville Rd only this weekend.  Those wishing to find a tree behind our strawberry fields should check in at 91 Terryville Rd first.  We have been very busy, but we have some trees left up to7 feet.  As our strawberry business has grown, it has increased the number of tree customers too.  We have been busy planting thousands of new trees per year, but they take time to grow.  Next year we will begin to see our supply increase again, and that will be the start of a multi-year expansion.  It is very exciting as we will have new fields open up and customers will get to see more of the farm.  But, it takes time.  We provide saws and bail trees upon request.  Dress for cold weather!  All trees are $48 including sales tax and bailing.

Thank you, Farmer Jon